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  • 如何进行鼻腔冲洗?
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As the name suggests, nasal irrigation is to deliver the flushing fluid to the nasal cavity to achieve the purpose of cleaning and treatment. However, this kind of flushing needs the help of certain tools, and the selection of flushing fluid is particular, so it should be carried out according to the doctor's advice before use.
The most direct function of nasal flushing is mechanical flushing, which can remove the secretion of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus and reduce the attachment of pathogenic microorganisms to the nasal membrane; For patients after endoscopic sinus surgery, it can also help remove blood scabs and prevent the adhesion of open sinuses, nasal septum and nasal concha on both sides.
In addition, its more important role is to improve the ciliary movement of nasal cavity membrane and maintain the normal physiological function of nasal cavity membrane. It can also control inflammatory mediators, reduce nasal membrane swelling caused by inflammatory factors such as virus infection, common cold and allergic rhinitis, improve nasal ventilation and shorten the recovery time of these diseases.
Commonly used nasal irrigation methods are nasal spray and electric nasal irrigator. The advantage of nasal spray is simple operation, easy to use and easy to carry. The disadvantage is that the curative effect is slightly poor. So for children, nasal spray can still be the first choice. In addition, people without rhinitis just want to rinse nasal cavity as a daily nursing measure. Nasal spray is also the first choice.
The advantage of electric nasal irrigator is that it is simple to operate, but it can not adjust the amount of liquid entering the nasal cavity at any time, and it is not easy to carry, and the price is expensive.
Nasal irrigation can be used in a wide range, including acute and chronic rhinitis, acute and chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, dry rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, patients after nasal endoscopy and patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiotherapy; Even if you have no problems, nasal flushing can also be a better choice for daily health care, keeping you away from dust, haze and other violations.